Cats and Dogs can be best Friends.


You have puppy or kitten fever, but you live with a senior pet. Should you get a new animal? We often have the idea that a younger pet will revitalize an older one, but is that really true? 

I have found over and over that bringing a new pet into a household with a senior can breathe new life into the old boy or girl. We give pets the time we can spare and the love we can share, but living with another member of the same species can provide them with social, mental and physical benefits. We see it when they join in on neighborhood barking, groom each other, curl up together for a nap or join forces to chase a ball or toy. And a more experienced pet can teach a new one the household rules. In fact, with the right pairing, the time you spend training could be cut significantly.



Studies from the Banfield Pet Hospital show that animals in multipet households live longer and suffer fewer health problems. If your pet always has a buddy, he will most likely benefit, and so will you, as you’ll never be without a pet, even if one is given the final grace.

But not every pet pairing is a match made in heaven. Here’s what to think about if you’re considering bringing in a buddy for yourself and your golden oldie. 

Is Two Really Company?

Any time you have more than one dog or cat, you run the risk of a conflict. That goes double if there are differences in age, size, activity levels or species. 



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