How to Treat Your Dog's Hot Spots Without Going to the Vet

November 24, 2017

Dr. Mark is a small animal veterinarian. He works mostly with dogs 


What Is a Hot Spot Anyway?

Have you found a wet patch of smelly skin on your dog? If you have and have asked around, your neighbor or your vet tech may have listened to your description and told you that it is a hot spot.

A “hot spot” on a dog is just a warm area of infected skin. It stinks, is painful, red, itches, and usually drains pus.

Hot spots are also known as acute moist pyotraumatic dermatitis. For one of the many reasons listed below, the skin is pruritic (itches), the dog scratches and causes secondary trauma, and the coat traps moisture that allows an opportunistic infection, usually Staphylococcus intermedius. The bacterial infection makes the skin even more uncomfortable and the dog scratches even more, making the infection spread.


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