What's Your Dog Breed's Play Style?

About Dog Breed Play Styles



Tell me what breed your dog is and I'll tell you his play style....well, almost. Yes, you can roughly determine play style based on a dog's breed, but as with almost everything dog, there's nothing written in stone. As Patricia McConnell claims: "Genes are written in pencil" meaning that genes are not carbon copies and breeding is a crap shoot, meaning that you can't make assumptions of how a dog will behave based on breed alone considering the nature versus nurture effect. There are any variables. In other words, dogs inherit certain predispositions but one must also consider the effects of the environment and their experiences in their upbringing. There is no such thing as a dog being like another. Just like snowflakes and finger prints, each dog is unique.


For example, my female Rottweiler loves to retrieve. When I have a ball in my hand, her eyes lighten up and she would play a game of fetch over and over up to the point of exhaustion while many Rottweiler owners often complain that their Rotties are never up to a game of fetch. Perhaps this is because I have made this game fun from when she was a pup. Instead, a golden retriever that comes for me for board and training could care less about the game. Yes, he might have enjoyed this game and I'm sure there's likely a genetic predisposition, but his owners used to play keep away with him a lot, so even though there's a will to fetch something you would toss, he would rather run away with the item instead of bringing it back as you might expect from a dog of this breed.


Regardless, there seems to be a certain predisposition. . . .read more 

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