Easy Constipation Relief For Dogs On A Raw Dog Food Diet


Is my dog going to get constipated on a homemade raw dog food diet?


If your dog is on a well balanced raw diet, constipation should never even be a concern. Purchase bones with the meat still attached (like chicken wings, thighs, and necks) and you are unlikely to ever have any problems.

When dogs eat fresh meat and raw bones, most of it is digested and the stool comes out firm and dry; it does not come out loose and slimy like some of the dogs are already used to after surviving most of their lives on commercial dog foods. Because of the change, some dogs tend to strain more than before. This is a good thing. When stools are too loose, the dog has more gastrointestinal problems. We also know that dogs with loose stools are also more likely to suffer from impacted anal glands.

Some dog owners mistake this normal straining for constipation. If the stool is too firm, however, and if the dog is straining and is only able to produce a small stool after a long time, he really is constipated. (If the dog strains but is never able to produce a stool, he is obstipated, which is a much more serious . . . . .


Click the link below to read more from DrMark1961 . . . . 


Constipation in Dogs



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