How to Save a Choking Dogs Life -- by DrMark1961

February 1, 2015

I am always searching for out-of-the way information.  I am wary where I pick up information as the Internet is a big busy web.  There is the good, the bad and the ugly.  The information I bring you here is from reliable sources that have no cause to favor one view or the other.


For example, this week’s article is from DrMark from Brazil.  He is a renown Vet who spends most of his time with dogs or learning about them.  He speaks of how to cope with a dog that seems to be choking. 


Nobody will deny that if you could whistle for a vet and that vet could transport to your side within a couple of seconds, well, that would give your dog the best chance at life.  But since we have not yet mastered the trick of whistling for instant response, then it is best to learn how to help your dog yourself.  And who to turn to for good advice?  An experienced Vet/dog trainer/dog expert.  So read on and  the link will take you to DrMark’s articles.


If your dog is choking, and you expect to save his life, you do not have time to look in the phone book for the name of the closest emergency vet.


This is what you need to do to save a dog that is choking:


Open your dog´s mouth; be sure to roll the fleshy part of his muzzle over his canine teeth-your dog will put pressure on his own skin if he bites down so he will be unlikely to close his mouth.


If you have not trained your dog to allow this you need to do so right away. (If your dog is still young read the article on training your puppy to . . . . . . --click here to . . .read on


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