First lessons for your new pup.

September 7, 2014

All dogs love to run without any restrain.  Most of us live in built up areas, with much people and vehicle traffic, and so we protect our dog and others by putting ours on a leash.  It is hardly what the dog prefers but like us, they have learned to accept limitations in how they live.

We could give them more freedom, at least in certain places, if we train them to obey our commands.  This would mean that we are there to protect them and others if they follow our instructions.


Come, Boy.


First of these, is to call the dog to come to you.


We shal start with the end result first! LOL!!

Sit your dog just a couple of paces in front of you.  Talk to it, so it looks up at you. You can then retreat a few paces and say "Come".  You can use another word, and your own hand signal,  The important issue is that you are consistent with word and body language.


When the dog moves forward, immediately ask it to sit.  Give it the hand signal that means sit.  Talk to it so it looks up.  Say the word for "Good" [eg:  Good Boy, Good Girl. Yes, or That's it]  Again, keep in mind that your words and body language need to be consistent and tied to a certain action you want from your pet.


When it has moved and is sitting opposite you and looking up, and as you say your word for 'Good", give it a small, tasty treat.  Nothing big, but something it likes of course.


Take one move at a time.


Once that move is perfected, try some variations.  Always keep the same system.  


  • Give Direction Clearly.

  • Wait until all directions have been followed.

  • Give verbal praise, maybe a pat, and a small food treat.


If your directions have not been followed accurately, it is best to start again, ensure that your word and body language are very clear to the dog, then wait.  If necessary keep the food treat between your fingers so the dog can see or smell it, but on no account should you offer it until the dog has performed all the required actions.


When all that has been achieved. then it is time to extend the game.  When the dog is sitting opposite you, making eye contact and having had the treat, turn around and walk a few paces away.  Again say "come" and use the hand motion for it to follow you.


Stop and stand facing the same way you started.  Tell your dog to stop and sit.  Repeat the first exercise of making eye contact, Praise, pat and treat.


Training should be fun for you and for your dog.  You get to plan it, so it is easier to put it in place.

By now you know that your dog will come to you when you say and will also follow you if you give it the right signals.


Food treats.


Food treats are a great help, but keep them small. In time, you will not need them any more, but for now it is okay so long as you choose healthy, rather than junky stuff.  Then you will not feel bad feeding it to your dog.


The verbal praise and a pat, a hug is also very important, and that is for the long term.


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