67% of dog owners, spend too much on their dog.

September 3, 2014


Impulse buying. We know the feeling of "Why did I buy this?"  Sometimes you can take the item back and recoup the money, but not with an adorable young dog.


The first few months of having a dog, it is pure delight and fun.  It is not long before the appetite grows, and sometimes we get unexpected vet bills.  Perhaps it is disease, a bad tick, or simply age. . .


Why does it all come at once. . ... It often happens.  Bills bunch up.

By this time, the dog is an integral part of the family, and you just cannot let him go,.  You also know that keeping him healthy is also an expensive business, so. . . ..


This is where, with a bit of forethought you COULD win.


Some vet bills just cannot be avoided.  So we have to face that vet bill to get our buddy back on track.


But after that we can recoup some of that money and keep the dog healthy the cheaper way.


I will give you some pointers, and if you have some of your own,  please share with us for others to read.


Do an inventory of where your dogs main expenditure is  - like food, vets bills, kennelling, grooming, etc. 


Set out a fair budget that will allow you to repay that debt in time, and then set about achieving it.  EG:-


Try and find cheaper alternative sources for your quality. 


Better still - prepare your own dog food.  It will be cheaper and often more healthy.


 Stop buying tid bits for your dog like hide chews( they are expensive) look for  cheaper alternatives.   

Does your dog really need a whole boxful of toys? 

Do you need to buy that new more expensive product? Your dog is doing okay on the old one. so why change?


Washing and brushing is something you can do .  As for clipping, a cheap electric razor-comb,
a pair of sharp scissors,   a high surface to put the dog on, and a bit of practice, and presto you have saved yourself a tidy little sum there - 2,3 or 4 times a year.


The next big payout comes when you need to put them in kennels, or pet-sitting arrangement.


Is there anyone around you who would keep them for you for a smaller payout, or, a gift?  If it is someone the dog knows they will be happier, and so will you.


Learn all you can from books, internet, vet, but ensure that the info is reliable.


hope you are never faced with the dilemma of whether you can keep your dog or put it to sleep because it can be heartbreaking.


Why dont you take the tips above, apply them, and put a little bit of money in a money box called MyBuddy every week, that way you will be well prepared and never have to take such a decision.







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