Pet Language decoded - -- Part 1

August 2, 2014



Cats and dogs may not have the words to tell us something, but the body language, speaks louder than words.  If we watch our pets with an open mind, it is really not that hard to work out.

Many pet owners feel fuzzy warm when their pet 'smiles at them'.  Others around them might sneer at that. However, the happy puppy will be relaxed.  Often the mouth hangs open, and the eyes will appear soft giving a clear impression of what we humans would call a smile.


Both cats and dogs often sit upright and stare steadily at you.  Their eyes will follow every movement you make.

It is easy to take a wrong turn here, and think that they are so cute, that you cannot help want to do something for them - like give them a treat!!  Ha!Ha!!  Fooled you again, huh!


In reality, they might simply be telling you that they feel that they are your boss.  Because cats are so independent that they do not feel that anyone can boss them about.  They will happily do what you want them to, just to please you. . .but they are well aware they dont have to!


Dogs on the other hand, always need an Alpha Dog to 'lead them and direct their actions'.  Without that, they will feel insecure and unhappy.  Within the home - and if you have taken the right steps, they see you as their Alpha leader.  If not, they may feel that they have to fill that role themselves, and the direct stare is trying to tell you this.


If they are standing tall and making him/her self as big as possible, then it is likely that he wants to tell the world that

they are in charge. 


A persistent stare might also be because they are watching your every movement to work out what you are up to, whether you are going out, and they are already formulating the big question "Can I come too?"


When they show you an angry face, it may mean that they are scared, or they feel endangered.  If they displaying their teeth, or their claws, remember that those are their weapons- so it is best to give them space.  Keep calm and do not make eye contact.  Best stand still until the pet walks away, but if you feel you have to do so first, then do it quietly and with some subtlety, and not just turn and run


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