Special Offers for Micro Chipping and Desexing at North Coast NSW.

July 16, 2014

JULY  (2014) is National Desexing Month.

Many Vets in the Clarence Valley [North Coast NSW] are offering serious discounts on desexing and microchipping of pets.  

Ones that have advertised this are -


Clarence Valley Vet Clinic Grafton

Riverbank Animal Hospital South Grafton

Angourie Road Vet Clinic Yamba

Maclean & Yamba Vet Clinics


If your Vet clinic is not listed, It would be wise to give them a call and ask them whether they are participating in this initiative.


The aim is to put a stop to the huge numbers of stray and surrenderded cats and dogs in the pounds and shelters.  It is an enormous financial cost which is often funded by volunteers and supporters, and that is not the worst problem.


Desexing will avoid the propensity for fights,  animals roaming around, especially at night with all its attendant problems, less chance of children getting in touch with stray animals which could transfer diseases they acquire because of the homeless existence. and another important point is that stray cats, kittens and dogs suffer enormously, not only hunger and cold and disease, but also cruel treatment from the humans who are annoyed by their presence.


For the good of our own pets, and that of all cats and dogs, let us seriously consider desexing. 



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