Which puppy is right for you? ~ Marie - Pet Place-Yamba

May 7, 2014

There is not a puppy in the world that cannot melt an icy heart! The trick is to find the one that best matches your expectations. Not only as a companion for the children (of all ages) but one that would be a pleasure to keep for the rest of its days. One that would fit the image that this family likes to project.


A puppy is forever

It may feel good to take the runt of the litter, hoping to develop it to become a fine example of what good care and training can do for a canine, but it won't help the pup much if the effort becomes too much for the family, and that pup ends up in a shelter, and perhaps worse.


Breeders or Shelter?

Some are drawn to a particular breed, and it is wise to go for what your heart yearns. First with your head, then with your heart. This is a big event for you or for the whole family. Naturally you are thinking of the big payoffs of owning a dog and there are many, but it is also a big committment. Before you let young children loose in a sea of pups, you make the big decisions of which type of dog, which breed or breeds, how much you can afford to pay for it now and later. After whittling down the choices, you let your children loose. They will no doubt go for the one that tugs at the heart. You are now adopting another member in your family so once you have made  the choice,  then give it the best chance to fit in.


So, what type of pup will you choose?

Discuss with your family, or if you are single, do some serious thinking. Then find out as much as you can from the library, breeders, shelter and/or the internet.Here are some leads to start with-http://lifestyle.allwomenstalk.com/tips-for-picking-the-right-puppy-from-a-litter





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