Do you live in or close to Yamba NSW.? Do you have a well fenced yard?  Do you wish to make some extra cash for that holiday/ car/ outfit you have been dreaming of?  Do you have a genuine love of dogs and/or cats? Then you’re in business, as Yamba needs you.  Do you want to know why?

You can have a bigger business that you work at most days, or only sometimes. You can go on holidays when you want to. You can make as much money, or as little as you want,  so that “You run IT “ and not the other way around. This is not the same kind of business as running kennels or catteries.  A man or a woman at home can do it.   A couple could really go a long way, if they are both sensitive to the needs of different pets.  If you have the space, you could also have cats, birds, even the odd Iguana!!  I have done it, and so can you. 

Requests for Dog-Sitting far outnumber any other species of pets, however, if you have the space and the energy, this business can be expanded to cater for a variety of pets and there is no shortage of ways to learn the best way to care for them.  It could also become the basis of a larger enterprise. I will happily show you how.

I have a Home Pet Minding Business that I have been running for over 5 years. I have a website and a Facebook page with high ratings, a list of highly satisfied clients, and a simple system that has been honed to perfection. I can show you how and what to do and to avoid.  I have all the forms you will need, in paper and digital forms.  I have recipes for preparing good nourishing food for dogs. I can guide you to master the business in a very short time.  

There is the joy of meeting interesting and lovely pet-loving people,and then there is the fun of meeting many interesting and loveable pets.  I have enjoyed so many different breeds and learnt much from them.  You’ll have the freedom to  keep the business small – as a hobby that gives you enough for a car or that special holiday to see the midnight sun, or to be creative and grow it to fill the need that exists .  If you have the space, the energy and the motivation you can be really creative with it, and expand it, branch out to fill the need. There is a great need for a service like this in Yamba, and not even a handful that are geared for it. This business can expand at will. I have learnt much in these 5-6 years. Ask me what you want to know most. 

I have everything you need to get you off to a flying start. Spring is here and summer is THE time for families to come to Yamba, along with their kids, their scooters, and yes. . . .you guessed it. Who wants to leave Fido home?

I am now getting calls to book for December and January and I regret that I cannot accommodate them.  I need someone to take my place. 

This is not a “Get Rich Quick”  scheme but I will show you how you can take a meagre nest-egg and double it with little time and effort and NOW is the time to capture the bookings.        

          Your Last chance to go into

business without leaving home

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