Fireworks are not a dog's best friend. 

And cowering may the be least of the troubles that firework season brings.

Terror can do strange things to a dog. Like give him the ability to leap over fences he may not have been able to hurdle in the past. The man-made thunder may also drive him to dig deeper than he's ever dug before.

It's mostly about that noise - something animals are much more sensitive to than humans. 

We must keep in mind that the sense of hearing in dogs is far superior to ours - so they hear and feel these sounds with much greater intensity," Terri Bright of MSPCA-Angell's behavior services department tells The Dodo.

The end result is a dog at large, likely thinking he's running for his life - and hell on paws for anyone trying to catch him.

But there are lots of ways to ease their minds and make this season a little safer for humans and pets alike.

Don't let the dogs out This is one adventure you don't need to bring your dog along for. The best place for dogs during fireworks is indoors.

"Keep dogs in a small interior room of the house with a noise machine and shades drawn so as to block out both explosive sounds and the bright lights of fireworks," Bright says.

Remember, falling ash from fireworks can burn a dog's coat.. . . .  .

We had a storm last week, and I learned a good lesson in dog behaviour.  Roxie, the little white dog on the front page of our Face Book page was obviously anxious.  I have pacified many a dog with a blanket around them on my lap.  But for Roxie it just did not cut it.  She went around the house obviously looking for a safe spot.  None I offered her would do. . . . until I saw her sneak into the dark garage.  I disabled the auto light in the car and  propped the front door of the car open .  She readily hopped in there and did not come out until bedtime.  I found that she was so calm that she did not jump at the chance of sleeping on my bed.  Instead she happily settled into hers.  Problem Solved.

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