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September 22, 2014

The next stage  in my view is a simple game of Hide and Seek.  This will train your pup to leave whatever it is engaged in at present, and come seeking you out.


It should feel like a fun game, and it can be played anywhere.  You could do it regularly at home...

September 7, 2014

All dogs love to run without any restrain.  Most of us live in built up areas, with much people and vehicle traffic, and so we protect our dog and others by putting ours on a leash.  It is hardly what the dog prefers but like us, they have learned to accept limitation...

September 3, 2014


Impulse buying. We know the feeling of "Why did I buy this?"  Sometimes you can take the item back and recoup the money, but not with an adorable young dog.


The first few months of having a dog, it is pure delight and fun.  It is not long before the appetite gr...

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November 26, 2017

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