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Home Pet Boarding

​When you go on holiday you dont want to feel guilty about leaving your pet behind in an empty house, or maybe in unfamiliar surroundings where it feels lost and lonely.

Here it will be warm, well fed, & with the rest of the family, eating, sleeping, walking and playing with another friendly pet and with humans who understand it.

Home Pet Boarding
Home Pet Boarding

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This is Pet Boarding customised to the needs of your pet.  Dog, bird or snake are all treated with the utmost care. Cats are difficult to contain, and we will need to discuss this if you need a cat booked in.


​Here you can be certain that it will not be frightened by other crying pets, nor will it have to cope with unusual noises on its own.

Our clients come from our own backyard and also from all over Australia, as they tour this great continent.  Yamba is a jewel on the Northern Coast of NSW and people come from all over to spend time quality time here.  It is only natural that they would want to have their pets nearby where they can check on them and know that they are okay.


This is pet boarding personalised to your needs and those of your pet.

You have found the 'perfect spot' for your holiday accommodation but they wont take your dog /bird /snake?  It just does not feel right to leave it behind, does it?
Call Pet Place Yamba  . . .the pet boarding home where    your Pet has a holiday while you enjoy yours.

"I love Yamba, and Hector loves Pet Place Yamba, so we are both happy to stay there as long as we can"

Our goal at Pet Place Yamba is to ensure that your pet is well cared for, kept healthy and happy and that you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet is not fretting for you.

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Yamba - Jewel of the North Coast NSW

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